Integration of Enterprise Applications made simple with Ektron- A Glimpse of our upcoming webinar

Ektron’s DxH

DxH, one of the most terrific releases from Ektron so far..!This product was shipped with Ektron 8.6, and evolved with the release of Ektron 8.6.1 and Ektron 9.0. DxH acts as a marketing middleware for Ektron WCM. Primarily intended to integrate Ektron with other enterprise applications. The core idea is to leverage the capabilities of marketing applications and other enterprise applications within the WCM.

Our upcoming webinar is on the technical & business perspective of DxH. We will be covering the following aspects of Digital experience Hub in Ektron.

Pre-Built connectors in DxH

The available Pre-Built connectors in DxH include the following:

  • HubSpot Connector
  • Microsoft SharePoint Connector
  • Salesforce Connector
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector
  • Marketo Connector

You will get the core enterprise applications integrated with Ektron by launching the DxH. Wondering how these pre-built connectors works? Want to see a demonstration of them? Join us on our interactive webinar here.

Our marketers will be digging deeper into the core advantages of each pre-built connector application with the demonstration of a simple use case.

How to add a new connector to DxH

DxH is basically an extensible platform, which allows us to add new connectors to it with lesser efforts. So if you have any requirement of connecting Ektron with any other Enterprise applications other than the pre-built connectors, you could do that with Ektron’s Context Bus API.

These connectors are basically WCF services, which are communicated to the DxH service host by means of the app.config entries. They can be developed within the Microsoft Visual Studio environment as a WCF service library.

Looking forward to be part of a live connector development for DxH? Don’t think twice. Join us here for our webinar on 20/02/2014. Our Ektron evangelists are geared up for a code-walkthrough of connector development in DxH.

Webinar on 20/02/2014. See you there..!!

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Author : Bisileesh Bhaskaran Date : 12 Feb 2014