#Suyatiwebinar: Seamless Integration of .Net with Force.com Canvas

The success of Suyati’s Salesforce webinar means that it there are a lot more coming your way. This is absolutely in keeping with Suyati’s philosophy of sharing knowledge – only this time it was not within the company, but beamed out to the world.

The planning was on for a month. The topic was decided with a lot of thought. Technology partners were scouted, then fixed. And appropriately, our most vocal thought leaders took up the mantle and fleshed out the contents. The topic was chosen based on two facts – we had the expertise to dwell on it, and a Google search on the topic drew a blank.

In fact, our intro went: ‘When Suyati’s tech brains wanted to integrate Force.com Canvas with .Net, they searched for information high and low, but in vain. But by the time they completed the integration for a client, they learned so much about it, we just had to share it with the world.’

Each practice run gave the chief organizer Muktha, more strands of grey hair! But when the final hour struck, the entire webinar team was completely in the zone. Anoop, our Marketing Director kicked off the event, welcoming participants from around the world. Abhishek, our lead Salesforce evangelist then introduced the topic, and stressed on its significance. He explained that the Force.com Canvas, can bring a company’s disparate applications like cloud applications, hybrid applications, and in-house web applications into Salesforce in a seamless manner. The best part was that there is no need to rewrite/reinvent a company’s .Net legacy applications. He then went on to explain the two authentication mechanisms that Force.com Canvas uses, Signed Authentication and OAuth.

Deepak, our Salesforce MVP, then gave an illustrative .NET & Force.com with Force.com Canvas demo, with the help of a use case. This was based on the publishing industry, and was replete with code, screenshots, and detailed explanations.

There was then a ground breaking discussion on the future of .Net with Force.com Canvas. It was taken by Manmohan and George, senior architects at Suyati. And the conclusion was, that it was bright! The questions posed by participants were answered with gusto. And the team celebrated the success with a big round of pizza.

Author : admin Date : 10 Feb 2014