Code for People first, Computers Next – SuyatiSTEP

I am thankful to the SuyatiSTEP team of Suyati for the training program SuyatiSTEP 2014. The first one month at Suyati was unforgettable and very useful for all the newcomers because this converts us from students to professionals. The efforts taken by trainers were high. They found time for this between their work.

In the first two weeks they gave importance to OOPs and coding conventions. The classes of OOPs were like a refresher course. Jijo and his team gave instructions to watch the world in object oriented way.

Before this program I had never thought about how my program would be useful for others. But Abhishek and his team said that code must be reusable and understandable. Coding conventions are important. Assessment of coding conventions was also interesting.

The presentation of BA team was interesting. The data structure class was taken by Rifaj. And he gave some key points to become a good programmer like importance of thinking, usage of keyboard etc. Data structure classes were also practical oriented.

Next important thing is about HTML5. The sessions of Deepak were interesting. I think he become happy by sharing knowledge to others. CSS3 also good. Kishore gave some stuff to do. That was also interesting.

Database is important in software development. First they took the class in high level but later the team gave some basics about database. JavaScript and JQuery were new to us. And the content was little bit difficult to understand but we got some basic knowledge. Soft skills are important in the professional world. Classes or discussions between Subin were entertaining. It gave some relax between theory subjects. Also Revathi’s class about blogging gave some inspiration to write.

SuyatiSTEP was a very good experience for me and this program has converted me to a professional.

Author : Priya Francis Date : 31 Jul 2014