“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful…” John Maeda, Author, The Laws of Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life

Depending on which research you check, the consensus is that while 3 out of 4 companies agree on the importance of Customer Experience and Engagement, only 1 out of 4 are comfortable that they are doing it the right way. While there has always been a gap between what is needed versus what is being done about it, this disparity is scary because of one single fact – customers have taken over the right to choose how and when they want to interact with a business.

In the meantime, a typical company’s arsenal – lead scoring, customer profiling, data analytics, target marketing – that helps them create a consistent experience for their customer (CX) is increasing in complexity. As a C-level executive, your biggest fear is not knowing how many customers you are losing out on, because you may not have a formal program in place for CX. The statistics for that? Over 60% don’t know, and over 50% don’t have a formal program. Again the scary fact? Gartner claims that by 2020, 85% of your customers will engage with your business without human interactions.

Before you rush out and get the latest in Artificial Intelligence tools and solutions to add to your arsenal, it is time to pause. And time to take a more balanced approach to CX.

This is where Suyati can help. We believe that throwing more technologies, platforms, tools and resources at a problem is not always better. Instead we advocate the opposite – start with less. UN is our way of simplifying technology, platform and process adoptions. Our aim is to do more with your existing resources, to finetune your existing investments and get quick wins before you go out and buy more.

How do we do that?

  • We help you map your customer’s journey using your existing customer-facing platforms. Our expertise in CMS, CRM, Marketing Automation, Ecommerce and RPA systems ensures that we create a more cohesive view of your customer journey as it exists today. We do this by integrating, finetuning or extending your current platform’s capabilities.
  • As next step, we take existing data about your customer that is sitting on multiple systems and databases to mine more information about your customer. This mainly focuses on their needs, wants and preferences. Our analytics engine learns constantly from each interaction to enhance your information about the customer.
  • Now it is time to implement point solutions that can close a loophole, address a problem or solve an immediate issue. Our key point solutions help solve problems that prevent you from creating a smooth experience for your customer. This is done by applying quick and specific solutions that sits on top of your existing technology infrastructure.

At every step of this journey, we manage and enhance the data elements and steps that go into creating your customer’s journey. This approach that we call UN is possible because our proprietary engine, BUYER RHYTHMS, helps make the whole customer experience seamless, quick and insightful.

In short, focus on every touchpoint with your customer. Resolve to make it relevant. The CX will happen seamlessly.






21 Jun 2019
Author : Revathi Krishna