Verizon acquires Yahoo: What marketers should learn from this?


Verizon, one of the global leaders in communication technologies, broadband and network purchased Yahoo for$4.8 billion. Verizon is now growing fast to become a leader in offering assistance to online marketing.

How can this purchase impact advertisers and online marketers?

The Background

In 2015, Verizon acquired AOL for $4.4 billion. This acquisition gave Verizon access to a broad range of technologies that can enhance its ad marketing. Hence, it is assessed that Yahoo of 2016 is akin to AOL of 2015 for Verizon. Both AOL and Yahoo rose to prominence between 1990s and 2000s. Though the arrival of mobile made them lose their shine, Yahoo and AOL are ranked as two of the most influential and most visited web properties recently. With Verizon’s acquisition, advertisers will get more opportunities.

Marketers can enjoy direct deals

One of the crucial advantages to marketers is that now their brands can avoid travelling through multiple channels, and advertising deals can be closed at a faster pace. This happens because brands will be able to deal directly with Verizon. Read more.

Rising significance of mobile videos in marketing

Verizon manages and runs one of the greatest mobile networks in the US, while Yahoo holds one of the largest content footprint that people read daily and often. This presents Verizon with the opportunity to tap the ever growing mobile users. Marketers gain an unprecedented opportunity to hit mobile browsers.

Advertisers to track results more easily

Currently, people haven’t started the discussion on how Verizon is planning to gain control over Yahoo Gemini ad platform and Flurry- the mobile analytics suite. Flurry is one of the world’s best result trackers. Verizon hasn’t made any announcements on the future of Flurry, but we shall hope that it will retain Flurry for the benefit of advertisers.

Advertisers will get clean data

Expectations are there that Verizon will clean up the outdated and unused data present in Yahoo so that advertisers can catch hold of only clean and relevant data. This will be of considerable help to marketers.

Mobile advertising is growing at an unpredicted rate. Verizon, as mentioned above is a leader in the network kingdom. Going forth, we can expect that leveraging mobile network could make Verizon a “must have” for advertisers in the future.

Author : admin Date : 21 Sep 2016