Web Content Management – What’s in!

ektron web content managementSo much ado about content and nothing about content management? Definitely not! Today, we’ll speak on the changing market for web content management; important as content continues to play such a vital role in generating superior customer experiences on websites.

Gartner recently chose Ektron (We are an Ektron certified premier partner for Asia Pacific...just in case you did not know) as a leader in its 2012 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. It emphasized the importance of having a Web Content Management Solution capable of seamlessly integrating with analytics engines, e-commerce systems and a host of other databases.  Not to forget – a competitive mobile experience, meaning something more than just the landing page of the website displayed on the mobile screen.  Gartner, therefore also stresses on the increased use of mobile devices, tablets for online shopping, browsing etc., thereby, making it critical for WCM solution vendors to enter this space as well.

The world renowned research and consulting company has also researched the way content takes various forms in the social context with increased content types and formats and collaborative tools like activity streams, profiles, etc.

So, Ektron seemed to be a natural choice. With over 8000 customers worldwide, it boasts of a web content management solution that caters to marketing optimisation and social media as well.  Leveraging the underlying .NET platformEktron provides ease of integration, multichannel capabilities, intranet portals, enterprise search, social business software and a gamut of other tools to enhance, what one would  call, Web experience management.

As the world of content management continues to take different forms and shapes due the dynamic nature of the web and its consumers, different companies adopt different WCM solutions to match budgets, market sizes, tastes and so on. Some rely on best of breed solutions while the others get custom developed solutions to fit their exact business requirements.

Have you made up your mind?

Link for Report: http://go.ektron.com/gartner-magic-quadrant-for-web-content-management

Author : admin Date : 07 Dec 2012