All you need to know about Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

Your entire marketing campaign depends on who your customers are – you have probably heard this from your own digital manager. Or if you are a digital marketer yourself, you already know it. This indicates the importance of customer profiling in growing your business.

But data is complex; and it is everywhere. Serious digital marketers know that their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are now directly linked to bottom-lines. This is where Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) steps in to give digital marketers an integrated marketing command center that not just gives shape and order to optimizations, but also drives business growth.

So what makes Sitefinity DEC a must-have to fire up your customer profiling and journey optimization?

  1. Customer Journey Database – Keeping an ear out

  • Recording customer interactions and their journeys is no longer about optimizing the pipeline. Sitefinity DEC shatters the traditional model of compartmentalizing all customers into “marketing funnels” to focus on measuring the quality and quantity of each customer interaction along the customer journey instead. It understands that each customer journey is different and hence, works toward providing improved customer experience.
  • A customer makes multiple anonymous interactions with a business on the world wide web. Technically, the customer journey begins even before the customer has officially said “hello”. It then becomes cardinal that positive experiences are built around the customer which is quite an uphill task for digital marketers, considering how vast the Internet is. However, with Sitefinity DEC, tracking online customer behavior patterns becomes easy, even when the customer is anonymous as is typical of early interactions.
  • Customer interactions come from multiple directions – web, mobile, social, customer service or sales reps. All these interactions get recorded into various channels such as marketing systems or CRMs, and tend to go into silos. However, with Sitefintiy DEC, all the collected data sitting in different systems is pulled in for integration by a powerful framework and a dynamic set of connectors.
  • Depending on what kind of info you need on your customers – broader view or granular details – Sitefinity DEC delivers a 360-degree unified customer profile, anonymous or not. It provides details on the identity of the customer, what their behavior is like, and gives insights on the choices made by them.

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  1. Customer journey analysis – How to Hit the bull’s-eye 

  • Marketing has clearly outgrown the age of counting clicks; even more so since establishing the connection of marketing spend with business results. Sitefinity DEC measures the direct impact of marketing programs, giving decision makers the ease of quantifying KPIs, setting definite business goals and defining marketing efforts—nothing goes uncounted anymore!
  • Imagine a system that could tell you which marketing program got you a specific set of customers. Sitefinity DEC does exactly that! It has marketing attribution features that reveal how many bull’s-eyes you have hit with your campaigns and which campaigns have spurred the maximum purchases–it is qualitative analysis at its best!
  • Sitefinity DEC can perform some serious tracking of your conversions to provide explicit conversion reports, incorporating the history of all conversions; data on the specific campaigns and assets that drove these conversions; and recommendations from past conversions to power new possibilities.
  • The persona profiling framework in Sitefinity DEC helps create and manage personas that enable you to profile every visitor as per buyer personas; customize marketing messages and content; and basically reach out to your audience exactly the way they would like to connect.
  • DEC lets you create lead scoring models based on how likely each lead would The scoring reports can then be shared with your CRM once they reach the right stage of engagement.
  1. Customer journey optimization – Crunching the numbers for you

  • Sitefinity DEC comes with a navigation system-like feature that hand-holds you through the entire process of accomplishing your KPIs: it gives point-by-point guide on who to target and the type of campaigns to run; and deep insights on what campaigns can bring in new conversions.
  • DEC helps you find your most promising leads and make the best of those who have not yet reached their optimal conversion potential.
  • With Sitefinity DEC, you get recommendations on what your next best action should be to increase your potential conversion rate in the next 30 days. DEC would list the exact activities that could deliver max impact.
  • You will never miss spotting a customer. Whatever be the touchpoint/s through which he reaches out to you, Sitefinity DEC will find customer journey blind spots for you and optimize conversions.

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  1. Customer Journey Personalization – Delivering the next best experience 

  • Sitefinity DEC helps combine data insights and the “hows” of using these insights to repeatedly deliver the best one-on-one customer conversation that will lead you to your goals.
  • DEC dynamically integrates audience segmentation and personalization to create real-time personalized messaging that will delight and convert new customers, and also help make higher value conversations with existing clients.
  • When each visitor is assigned a persona profile, the messaging resonates effectively. DEC facilitates personalization by persona that helps study data insights and use them efficiently for content targeting.

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  1. Prioritizing security and compliance 

  • While compiling data insights and building marketing muscle through personalization, Sitefinity DEC never compromises on security and compliance. The Sitefinity platform invests in four key areas to ensure the safety of data on thousands of its clients—security by design; cloud operations security; customer data protection; and standards compliance (for example, SOC 2).

The Digital Experience Cloud powers your Sitefinity CMS – from enabling your marketing/sales teams to track user behavior at multiple touchpoints and reading deeply into data reports to profiling visitors for creating impactful content, and achieving individual KPIs and business goals. Sitefinity DEC shows you how a 360-degree customer profile can change the way your business thinks, acts and reacts, and what kind of impact these three pertinent actions can have on long-term business goals.

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Author : Nina Nair Date : 29 Jun 2018