When a firm with strong new age marketing skills wants to create eCommerce landing pages in minutes within their Ektron CMS, without any technical know-how, what do we do? We created a backend in Ektron that lets them do just that! Click here to know more. Why Ektron is in our DNA? We are Ektron’s Premier Partner in India, adjudged as one among the best in APAC, and acknowledged by Ektron as one of the best solutions partner- Suyati’s association with Ektron is quite strong and robust as Ektron is in our DNA. Take a look at the award winning site- a live example of our Ektron capabilities- bookcountry.com – the first of its kind in the genre of self -publishing. Suyati’s Ektron hallmarks:

  • 20+ top of the line websites, 30+ Ektron projects, including ones requiring load balancing of hundreds of thousands of users a minute- these are few of the stuffs that we have done in Ektron.
  • We’ve also developed custom widgets for accessing videos from CDN with Brightcove & DMS, for defining page flow in websites as a decision tree, and for custom Multivariate testing.

Our Ektron specialities:

  • We develop forward thinking Ektron connectors to integrate with marketing tools
  • Integration with third-party applications, and other CMS, CRM
  • Hands on expertise in automated content management and online communities
  • Sound technical platform to support migration to Ektron and upgrade from previous versions to latest version
  • Capability to integrate translation services that can automate workflows and integrate with Ektron and PHP
  • Migration to Ektron and upgrading from older to newer versions
  • Proficiency in Framework API and Taxonomies

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