An eventful month at Suyati

suyati-step program


After four long months of wait, on 3rd October 2015, I received a call from Ms. Archana HR at Suyati Technologies. She informed me that my joining date at Suyati is on 5th October 2015.

I was quite excited that I am going to see what is exactly happening inside the beautiful glass door labeled with Suyati logo, which struck my mind on the first time, when I came for the interview.

Obviously the first day was full of excitement and anxiety, as it is my first job and I was strange to new environment.

At first, we had an introductory speech by Vincent Sir. Later, Ms. Ann Varghese (HR) distributed the schedule for the next one month, which gave us a clear idea about what would be going on. The session with Mr. Siju reduced most of our concerns. As we are freshers, we had a lot of questions and he patiently answered them all.

I was very happy to see that all my colleagues (who joined with me) are on the same page where I am. Even though we were meeting for the first time, no barrier came across to stop mingling with each other.

Vincent Sir mentioned that all that we studied during college days will be provided in the form of capsules. The main capsules were OOP, JavaScript, Soft Skill, BA, Testing, and HTML.

Even though some of the long afternoon sessions were tedious and hectic, we are happy to learn and get new ideas that will spark our future endeavors. I wish we could get individual desktops that can help us do better during our technical sessions.

Author : Hrishikesh TT Date : 09 Feb 2016