Apple unveils its new AI-based HomePod at the WWDC Conference

Apple HomePod

Apple’s WWDC conference that kick started on June 5, 2017, has witnessed a host of major updates. Before we get to know the most exciting and biggest announcement-the HomePod- let us have a quick glimpse at the other happenings.

Updates to watchOS 4

Apple has announced that its watchOS 4 will include advanced AI that will be more personalized. On an interesting note, the company has further affirmed that Siri, the intelligent personal assistant of Apple will automatically surface information relevant to you on the face of the watch. This will be done using the machine learning technologies that will undergo numerous improvements over gradually. This points out that the more you interact with the watch, the smarter it becomes.

Changes to the Mac OS

The Mac operating system is slated to undergo some notable changes, says Craig Federighi, the Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple. Following developments are expected:

  • The next generation of OS on the Mac will be termed “High Sierra”.
  • Safari, which is 80% faster than Chrome, will be ranked as the world’s fastest desktop browser along with High Sierra.
  • Safari will come with enhanced privacy protection features, such as “intelligent tracking prevention”, that has the ability to block auto plays on videos, and uses machine learning tech to identify trackers.

Opening the surprise pod

Of all, the most exciting announcement is the HomePod, which is gearing up to transform the way we interact with our homes, play games, listen to music, and so on. Prettiest are the tiniest! A hardware with a mere 7 inches length, HomePod is a breakthrough in AI and also the first major Apple hardware product following Apple Watch.

The Pod can identify your indoor position, and adjust the volume of the music played inside so as to fit into the space. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. In future, it can control your blinds, room temperature, sense lighting inside a room, and who knows, basically everything in your house! The HomePod is compatible with all HomeKit devices.

Apple has assured not to worry about the security and privacy features of the HomePod since Siri won’t share your personal data without your approval. Let us wait to hear more from Apple on how it will handle spoken requests and interact with humans in a better way.

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Author : Bhuvana Date : 08 Jun 2017