Cloud computing: Still clouded about adopting the cloud?

In spite of having made its presence several years back, cloud computing continues to be a question mark for most businesses. They remain skeptical about adopting cloud services. While it may be difficult to comment without a thorough evaluation, as to why a small business should look seriously into cloud computing, pasted below is an infographic developed by UKFast Hosting, listing top reasons why a small and medium enterprise chooses the cloud:

Why Small and Medium Enterprise chooses the Cloud

What’s significant from here is the fact that flexibility tops cost savings. Flexibility in cloud computing refers to the ability to access applications from anywhere, if you have a net connection handy that is! This becomes critical to small businesses that may not be able to afford a central server and deploy web-based applications. With the increasing number of applications being developed for cloud computing ease, perhaps the bottom reasons now, will become the top reasons in a few years to come, that will drive the cloud. That will be the day when cloud computing will truly arrive.

We ourselves are an SME whose marketing, HR and finance departments are up there on the cloud. As a cloud application developer, we have also deployed cloud computing applications for our SME clients. So far we have not come across dissatisfaction either from our departments or our clients.

This is a tried and tested approach for us. Therefore we recommend the cloud especially if you are a startup that’s looking at fast paced growth, do not want to be inhibited due to lack of resources and want to be at a level playing ground with your competitors in terms of technology.



Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 27 Dec 2012