Trends in Mobile and Cloud Computing that you will see in 2013

mobile cloud computingIf there was a battle between smartphones and cloud computing as the innovation of the century, then the outcome would be unpredictable as there are followers and critics alike for both. Now what if we could combine them? We mean Mobile Cloud computing.  We are already seeing signs of that happening and you will see more of the following in 2013.

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device would be the talk of the town among employees because they would want to work in an environment they can carry wherever they move to, and work with whatever infrastructure or work access device they have. Mobile computing coupled with the cloud makes this possible.

More telecommunication companies would be offering their value added services as well as other infotainment services via cloud based services. The best example for this would be the rising demand for email services on smartphones. No longer do you have to turn on your PC to see your mails.

Newer challenges in security aspects may evolve as hackers, imposters and other culprits begin to exploit possible security flaws in mobile computing. Tighter security norms for Cloud based mobile services may have to be adopted to maintain a state of tranquil amongst users.

Hence with mobile computing and cloud services all set to make a healthy bonding, business enterprises as well as consumers are going to greatly benefit from improved service delivery with tight deadlines. For a business that has not yet explored this viable and booming option, and are on the lookout for a business partner, then ping us at where our engineers would help you embrace the potential of mobile cloud computing.


Author : Rahul Suresh Date : 18 Dec 2012