Leveraging the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for customer service offers a host of features and tools on a single platform, providing a 360-degree view of the customers. It can be accessed from anywhere through any device. This app comes in two segments – Customer service app and Customer service hub app. The customer service app is available only on the desktop browser and can be used for case management only. On the other hand, the customer service hub app is available both on the desktop browser as well as on a mobile device and can be used for both case management and management of knowledge articles.

What can Dynamics 365 for Customer Service be used for 

Engaging effortlessly with customers across channels through any device 

You can efficiently get a complete view of your customers and prospects using this CRM application. This app that relies on advanced analytics with an in-built digital intelligence can be easily accessed through a trusted cloud environment. Engaging with customers and prospects is so much easier with relevant information on a single interface that is tailored to every specific requirement.

Effectively interact and deliver superior customer experience 

You can take advantage by leveraging the powerful artificial/digital intelligence that the app is built on. The app using the intelligence of virtual agents is capable of automatically routing cases to the right person from across any channel for faster resolution. The use of service bots that are smarter, faster, and always available makes it easier to deliver faster and personalized services, increasing the productivity of teams and avoiding the hassle of any escalations.

Efficiently automate and streamline processes for optimal outcome 

You can easily use the adaptive engine and customize using configurations to suit your requirement. You can efficiently innovate by connecting to different apps and services of your choice or the ones that are already in use. You have the power to resolve issues with predictive analysis by analyzing data from other connected devices. You can even connect with third-party systems and environment providing superior experiences.

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Getting Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to Work for You 

Here are two examples of businesses around the globe that are implementing this application.

AccuWeather, the global weather forecast services company, works with the mission of providing reliable, critical, and lifesaving minute-by-minute weather details and information on current weather conditions to people across the world. The company uses Microsoft technology platform and cloud services, of which Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is an integral part. Relying on the weather forecast and recommendations by AccuWeather, millions of customers around the world make real-time decisions every day. Hence, global analysts need to have customer details and their financial information on their fingertips.

Microsoft’s cloud services have helped the company scale tremendously providing a better foundation to offer their services. “With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, the business intelligence lag has shifted from weeks to days, and now it’s moving toward real time. Because that’s the crux of our challenge—weather is real time. It changes every second, and as a result, so does our business,” says Chris Patti, Chief Technology Officer of AccuWeather.

The Colchester Borough Council, one of the largest local government authorities within the County of Essex, UK, provides various services such as housing advice, licensing and permitting, planning services, refuse and recycling collection, etc. to over 190,000 residents. Initially, the council collected and retained customer date through its individual departments using in-house apps. However, there was a need for a platform that could serve as a common repository for resident records, providing access across departments and offer continuity right from front office to back office, to efficiently handle their gamut of services.

In collaboration with PowerObjects, the council decided to move to Microsoft cloud and implement Dynamics 365 CRM application to improve their functionalities. Leveraging the customer service application, the council successfully addressed its challenges to improve their customer service experience through mobile app and portals. The application also helped maintain a single repository of records, accessible across the organization with automatic real-time updates and improved their backend functionalities.

Customer behavior has transformed and challenged the way businesses look at their customer service strategy. If you want to discuss the possibilities of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service for your business, get in touch with our experts.

Author : Priya Sen Date : 24 Jul 2018