Email HTML Editor Control in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

HTML Editor

The existing HTML editor in Dynamics CRM has a lot of limitations because the following items cannot be inserted in an email.

  1. Image
  2. Table
  3. Link
  4. Horizontal Rule
  5. Special Character
  6. Block Quote

In order to enhance the email experience and make it feature-rich, we are embedding a new HTML editor called “Line Control Editor” to MS Dynamics CRM.

Features of existing HTML Editor:

  • Edit options (Cut, Copy and Paste)
  • Bold, Underline and Italic formatting
  • Option to align text to left, right and center
  • Bullets and Numbering
  • Increase and decrease indent options
  • Option to change Font Name, Size and Color
  • We can insert the following items to Email description:
    1. Article
    2. Template
    3. Signature

The toolbar in the existing HTML editor is as follows:

HTML Editor

A sample text is shown below.

HTML EditorAs you can see in the example above, text can be aligned to the left and numbering can be added.

Additional Features of Line Control

  • Formatting of headings and paragraphs
  • Undo and redo options
  • Strikethrough option
  • Option to change Text color and Background color
  • Justify option
  • Option to insert block quotes
  • Option to insert links to URLs and unlinking
  • Insert Image, Table, Horizontal Rule and Special Characters
  • Print, Select All and Remove formatting options
  • Option to edit HTML Source code

Screen shots of the toolbar in the existing HTML editor embedded with the “Line Control Editor” is given below:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A sample text is shown below.

HTML Editor

HTML Editor

As you can see in the above screenshots, we can use all the features of line control in the email body such as special characters, horizontal rule, block quotes, image, hyperlinks, and tables.

Embedding Line Control Editor to MS Dynamics CRM

We have a managed solution which we can be imported to the MS Dynamics CRM instance and it will provide you with the new Email HTML Editor Control. Feel free to try it and experience the difference.

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Nithya Gopinath is currently working as a Software Developer at Suyati Technologies. She is part of the MS Dynamics CRM team at Suyati and is having excellent knowledge in MS Dynamics CRM and ASP.NET platforms. She loves solving logical puzzles and playing badminton. She is interested in keeping herself updated about the trending technologies.

Author : Nithya Gopinath Date : 15 Feb 2017