How to choose the best CMS for your website

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Content management systems are indeed an asset to any organization that manages a lot of content. But how do you select the best CMS platform for your business from the several hundred CMS platforms available in the market today? Let Suyati try to help you with a few essentials that you should be looking at before you decide on one:

Powerful yet Simple UI:

The CMS you choose must have simple interfaces that are easy to understand and allow easy management and publishing of content.

Flexibility in design and customization:

Your website is critical for creating the right impression about your company. So the CMS platform you choose must have the ability to offer design customization with numerous templates and layout options.

Plug-ins and Extensions:

The CMS should be able to provide multiple functionalities to your website. It should be as easy as simply running a plug-in script so that you can make your desired customizations easily.

A good tool for Beginners:

The CMS platform you choose must help you to customize it easily even without knowledge of HTML or any Web coding techniques. In short, it should provide a good abstraction for users by hiding the implementation details and show only a Graphical User Interface.


There should be multiple permission levels for different types of users. So the CMS you choose must have modules or plug-ins that provides these features.

The above criteria should help you find a perfect CMS solution for your website. But if you are still having difficulties choosing the perfect CMS for yourself, feel free to connect with us at Suyati Technologies. We have worked with a wide range of CMS platforms like Ektron, WordPress, Joomla, Sitefinityand much more. We are also an Ektron Premier partner. Visit to know more.


Author : admin Date : 03 Oct 2012