How To Squeeze The Most Benefits Out Of Your Time At Dreamforce’18

So you’ve done it. You’ve convinced your boss to send you to Dreamforce’18 or you are all set to be there on your own.

Either case, you should know how to make the most of the time at Dreamforce’18. Our previous blog spoke at length about what to look forward at Dreamforce’18. These four days are going to be crammed with learning, networking and endless fun. You can be a seasoned attendee or marking your first visit, what Dreamforce has in offer can definitely be overwhelming.

3238 sessions, hundreds of keynotes and dozens of certifications. And of course, there is the much awaited performance by Metallica.

With such a flurry of activities happening simultaneously, it can be difficult to spot the events that really matter to you. On an average, you can only make the most of four to five events. If you make the right choices, these five choices could be turning points for you as a Salesforce professional.

We’ll help you draw a trail map that will guide you to the events you don’t want to miss; for this, we have put together six essential tips. These tips will help you get the most out of your time at Dreamforce’18.

Plan your agenda with Agenda Builder 

Dreamforce has an agenda builder that will help you create your own agenda. The agenda builder will help you find and plan what category of events to attend, locations, timings of event that you are interested in, etc.

Have your agenda pre-planned and ready in hand. It’s already LIVE! It will help you save precious hours dashing from one event to another.

Make the best use of the Agenda Builder with these tips:

  1. Click on the star button next to each item to bookmark it.
  2. Lookup Einstein’s related suggestions to find new events you might be interested in.
  3. Plan for a max of four events/sessions per day. Anything more is hard to attend.
  4. Check out the live streams at Salesforce Live at Post-event stream will also be made available.
  5. Use Chatter to strike up a pre-event conversation with your speakers.

You can also find the right events you want to go to with the help of filters. Set filters for industries, roles, products, levels, themes to drill down to the specific events and sessions that will benefit you the most.

Talk to people at the Customer Success Expo 

Knowing how the world’s leading enterprises are using the Salesforce platform can help you use the cloud-based CRM better. Head straight to the Customer Success Expo where you can see observe how real Salesforce customers are using the various tools to their advantage.

Major global brands like IBM, Deloitte Digital, Accenture, Dropbox, PWC, Google Cloud, among many others would be at the Customer Success Expo. You can also get information first-hand from Salesforce experts on how to choose the best solution for your business or how to use your existing solution better.

Know where NOT to go 

You might love exploring the Dreamforce campus, but when you want to grab a quick bite, you may want to avoid the crowded joints. The local bars and Starbucks will be teeming with people; not an ideal place to get some alone time if that’s what you want.

To grab a quick meal, check out the vendors who put up drop-in areas at local restaurants where you can also get a peek at some sales pitches.

And, there is also this long list of Dreamforce Parties where you can find culinary delicacies in endless measure.

The top destinations include:

  • The ThirstyBear Brewing Company
  • The Village
  • The Fairmont Penthouse
  • Bently Reserve
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • The Mezzanine
  • One Market Restaurant

Of course, Salesforce would be providing meals for full conference attendees. More details on that would be available at the event venue.

Plan what you need to carry 

The sponsors at Dreamforce’18 will shower you with several goodies. There is even an irresistible goodie bag to be taken back home. But, there are some things that you need to carry for your own comfort.

  1. Download the Salesforce Events app – find information at your fingertips. The official Salesforce Events app has everything you need to know.
  2. Power banks for your devices – Dreamforce’18 will have thousands of visitors. There could be long queues for power points. Be self-reliant with power banks.
  3. A list of companies you want to visit – It makes it easy to plot the navigation.
  4. Two types of clothes – Formal wear for meetings and networking, and casual/party wear to let your hair down and feel comfortable.
  5. Comfy walking shoes – To take comfortable strides all day long without feeling worn out.

The trail to Dreamforce’18 

Dreamforce’18 is an event that dreams are made of – right from the environs to the internal ambiance and the overall high-octane energy that the hosts and guests exhibit – everything is a joy to watch. But, to make the most of the annual gala event, you must be prepared. You need to have a well-timed trail map that tells you where to go and when to go. We have covered that and much more in this blog. Hope it will help you squeeze the most benefits out of your time at Dreamforce’18.


Author : Ganesh Date : 18 Sep 2018