Magento Commerce introduces Magento Shipping multi-carrier solution

Magento shipping

The shipping process is an integral element of e-commerce. Online stores and e-commerce merchants sell products all over the world using different shipping services. One of the primary challenges merchants face today is the dearth of cost-effective shipping processes that enable seamless product delivery.

Known to be one of the most innovative solution providers in the digital e-commerce platform, Magento Commerce, adds yet another novel solution up its sleeve with the announcement of Magento Shipping in April 2017. At the press meet, Mark Lenhard, SVP of strategy at Magento, remarked, “Providing cost-effective shipping is one of the largest pain points for merchants of all sizes.” In a bid to address this pain point, Magento Shipping comes with right features to help merchants streamline shipping processes and capture greater visibility into the customer journey right from the cart to front door.

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The extensive set of features along with an element of reasonable customizability makes Magento an excellent platform for merchants to optimally incorporate advanced technology solutions.

An intuitive and innovative multi-carrier end-to-end solution that primarily seeks to automate the process of shipping for brands spanning several industries and geographical regions, Magento Shipping provides merchants with the most convenient automated fulfillment abilities. Through this solution, merchants have greater control over shipping and fulfillment, effectively eliminating cart abandonment to a certain degree, and exploring various business efficiencies to accelerate growth and expand addressable markets. With a whopping $101 billion generated annually on the Magento platform, Magento Shipping – the new offering opens out a massive opportunity for both carriers and merchants to create new customer experience on a global scale.

Powered by Temando

Magento Shipping is powered by Temando, which is a Magento Premier Technology partner for shipping and fulfillment.

With an enterprise-grade API that is well-equipped to rise to the growing demands of scalability, speed, durability, and seamless connectivity with third party systems, the partnership is one that seems like an ideal fit to address the wide-ranging spectrum of merchant needs. In terms of configuration, Magento Shipping enables a quick and easy setup, considering that it is built on the latest AWS and micro service technology. The best part about it is that it provides immediate access to the latest carriers worldwide including certain add-ons, thereby impeding the need for regular software updates.

Let us now look at how Magento Shipping is helping merchants enhance the superiority of their cart-to-cart business.

1. Seamlessly connect with global carrier services

Magento Shipping is designed in a way that lets merchants gain instant access to leading regional and international carrier networks. A hassle-free quick carrier registration and activation brings a world of benefit to merchants who are hard-pressed for time.

2. Trigger the route for customer loyalty

Through features that include the dynamic display of competitively priced shipping options, Magento Shipping serves to increase sales and loyalty among customers. By doing so, it assists merchants in keeping their delivery promise to customers.

3. Automate the fulfillment process

Equipped with powerful automation features, Magento Shipping helps merchants streamline fulfillment from multiple locations seamlessly. This paves way for seamless packing and dispatch of parcels from any location with any carrier, by employing granular, readily configurable automation systems. In this way, customer-focused omnichannel experiences are created.

4. Reduce shipping related-costs

With optimized carrier selection, Magento Shipping ensures accurate carrier billing with advanced packing intelligence. Advanced shipment rating also contributes to increased efficiency in carrier selection.

5. Speed up time to reach market needs

Built on a robust system of API-based infrastructure, Magento Shipping is a promise that works effectively to produce the much-needed outcome of delivering quick, scalable and reliable shipping and fulfillment solutions.

Magento Shipping is all set to be available this summer. Empowered with integration capabilities with the likes of Magento Digital Commerce and Magento Commerce Order Management, Magento Shipping is bound to simplify business operations and restructure customer experiences efficiently. This in turn drives order conversion and perks customer loyalty to a huge extent.

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Author : Saranya Balachandran Date : 10 May 2017