Developing an app for Apple Watch? Here are NINE tips to test your app

“Developers create things that do things we never imaged were possible”.
testing apps on Apple Watch
Kevin Lynch, former CTO of Adobe and now a VP at Apple overseeing the Watch efforts, said this during the launch of Apple Watch, the first ever wearable device from Apple. “We think there’s a great opportunity now on Apple Watch for them.” The Apple Watch is supposed to help the wearer find his car, unlock hotel doors and pay for products, apart from telling time! As for the latest spec and features release in the official Apple site, it is said to support third party apps in it.

With the release of the much awaited Apple Watch in the technology industry, we need to make sure that the apps we develop need to be tested for compatibility. In this blog I am going to mention few key test cases in usability and functionality which should be tested in the Apple Watch if you are developing a social networking app. This tips to test an app for apple watch could be extremely beneficial. Apple has introduced a new tool for developers to develop third party apps called the Watchkit. Developers will be able to create experiences designed specifically for the device.

As all of us know, Apple products are brilliantly crafted and their UI is just awesome. So naturally, the apps we develop should also be up to the mark. The first thing to be tested is the UI of the app.


1. As the device is small the buttons should be neither too small nor too large.

2. One key feature in Apple Watch is that tapping and pressing have two distinct functions. It should be clearly mentioned in the acceptance criteria as well.

3. Since the device is small, probability of touching the wrong button is more. So there should be an option to undo the previous action within a specific duration.


4. Obviously, the latest notification should appear on the home screen. It is better to confine the notification within two lines. When clicked on the notification it should go directly to the app.

5. The functions which can be done in the Apple Watch should be limited. Not all functions which can be done in the iphone should be allowed. If the user wants to respond more he should use his iphone. Basically the Apple watch is for quick interaction and information.

6. It should be compatible with Siri, which is more clear, accurate and intelligent than its previous versions. For example if the name of your app is XYZ, “launch xyz” should launch the app.

7. We have to check whether the digital crown magnifies the image which we select, since pinching to zoom is impractical as in iphone and in case of newsfeeds it should be able to scroll easily.

8. We should check whether the iphone is able to resume the function which is started in the Apple Watch.

9. If your app has VOIP, then covering the watch should silence the incoming calls

All these test cases are based on the features shown in the official Apple site. Enjoy reading. And testing!

About the Author:
QA Engineer at Suyati, Jaseem has graduated from Govt. Model Engineering College, Kerala. A newbie to blogging, he is interested in automation testing, and digs mobile testing, as well as automation tools like Selenium and QTP. When not fiddling around with a bunch of devices or the management team’s patience, he passionately indulges in cricket and dance!!

Author : Jaseem Latheef Date : 17 Sep 2014