Revolutionizing Sales with Salesforce Lightning Voice

Salesforce Lightning Voice

Salesforce has come up with a novel strategy for revolutionizing the arena of communication in the field of marketing. The new initiative, Salesforce Lightning Voice, is essentially a substitute to the traditional salesman-customer interactions.

An Alternative to Traditional Communication

The relationship between salesmen and customers are not always easy. There are several barriers that lead to ineffective communication. Effective communication being a prerequisite for salesmen-customer relationship, it is important to find out the major obstacles which prevent a fruitful interaction and try to get rid of those hindrances through innovative methods.

The conventional method of communication is

  • Inefficient
  • Time consuming
  • Difficult to log
  • Complex

The traditional communication technology puts heavy burden on salesmen, demanding manual effort. A minor mistake on their part may result in the loss of customer data which is invaluable as far as marketing is concerned.


How Salesforce Lightning Voice is Different?

Salesforce Lightning Voice stands out with its simplicity. The salesmen can communicate with their prospects without any complex configurations. Salesforce helps in getting all the interactions into one platform. The incoming and outgoing calls are inside the Sales Cloud, which, in turn, offers a sense of completion to each customer interaction.

The new Lightning Voice, introduced as a means of increasing the efficiency of the salesmen-customer communication, is an interesting innovation by Salesforce. There are various call options incorporated into the Lightning Sales Cloud in which Lightning Voice enables us to make calls and receive calls.


Everything a click away

With Salesforce Lightning Voice, everything is at our fingertips. We get instant notification when we add a new customer. We can call customers by just clicking their phone number within the Salesforce. There is an option to see every detail of the customer while contacting them. We can even move on to the next call without exiting the interface.

The major advantages

Lightning Voice is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform which results in systematic interactions. While using the conventional communication technologies, we need to log the call histories, whereas in Lightning Voice, the calls will be automatically logged on to contact record. The sales rep will not have any confusion as they can see the complete customer history while calling the customer.

The other important advantages include:

  1. Time saving: The usage of Lightning Voice saves time and also manual efforts.
  2. Efficient communication – Communication gets new dimensions with Lightning Voice. It makes communication systematic and effective.
  3. Ease in taking notes – Note-taking section is inbuilt in Lightning Voice. This section pops up while talking with the customer. The notes will be automatically stored against the call record as soon as we move on to the next call.
  4. The multitasking ability – Lightning Voice has the multitasking feature. It helps us call the customers, take notes and record the details simultaneously without switching apps or devices.
  5. Automatic call-logging – Now, there is no need to write down the details of a call. It will be automatically done after each call.
  6. Increased productivity –Speed, reduced data entry and multitasking feature altogether means improved productivity.

The Lightning Voice has an additional feature that provides the ability to localize our number by adding the country code of the customer with it. This increases the likelihood of the acceptance of the phone call, as the customer would feel a kind of proximity with the caller.

The important details are available not only for the salesmen but also for everyone inside the company who deals with the call records. The main objective of this initiative is to improve marketing efficiency and to provide the best possible customer experience.

In a nutshell, with Salesforce Lightning Voice you can:

  • Reach out to your prospects at a click
  • Multitask to close deals faster
  • Streamline procedures to increase productivity
  • Track prospect’s previous interactions effectively

Availability of Lightning Voice

Lightning Voice will be available from July 2016 for Sales Cloud Lightning Users in US and Canada. Lightning Voice outbound is available at $45 per month and additional $5 must be paid for availing the Lightning Voice inbound.

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Author : Letterbug Date : 28 Jul 2016