Salesforce and Pardot: Redefine Your Marketing Strategy for Increased ROI

Marketing automation is what modern marketers swear by to get ahead in today’s competitive world. If implemented well, it can be a real game changer, making a huge impact on the Return on Investment. Marketing automation is all about optimization. In simple terms it refers to those platforms and technologies that help streamline, automate, measure and optimize the marketing processes.

Here are some impressive statistics that bring out the importance of marketing automation tool. An average of 51% of organizations and 67% of marketing gurus currently use a marketing automation tool. Chief Marketing Officers of high-performance organizations when questioned by Gleanster say that the most-compelling reason to implement marketing automation is to garner quality leads (by approximately 76%) and to increase the ROI (approximately by 79%).

Marketers need a suite of tools to engage with customers, make significant connections, generate leads, and effectively close deals. As there is no one-stop all-inclusive technology that makes the above possible, it is necessary to integrate key business tools and systems that offer both – an excellent CRM and marketing automation platform.

Pardot is said to be the most widely used B2B marketing automation tool on the world’s best CRM platform, Salesforce. Pardot bidirectionally integrates with Salesforce allowing data flow between both the applications. This provides an advantage to the users to manage numerous different marketing channels through Pardot’s interface.

Pardot provides the following capabilities with respect to marketing automation:

Smarter and streamlined lead generation and lead management

You can create customized dashboards, landing pages, and forms to have a clear view of your existing customers as well as prospects. Valuable data is always at your fingertips. There is also a provision to set automatic notifications to any of your prospect’s activity. This helps in identifying leads, improve follow-ups, engage better, and close deals appropriately. A report by Pardot users states that there is approximately 32% increase in qualified leads.

Proficient e-mail marketing

According to Forrester Research, more than half, approximately 59% of marketers, struggle to connect with a potential customer for the first time in this digital age. You can create meaningful e-mail campaigns to reach out to customers across geographies. Using visual editor and custom designing capabilities, you can send beautiful professional e-mails that reach your customers with the right message. You can even schedule automated e-mails for a future date that seems right to engage for impact.

Seamless sync between marketing and sales

You can seamlessly sync your marketing efforts with sales activity to sell effectively. Through workflows, the marketing team can empower the sales team with relevant information. Account-based marketing can go a long way in generating sales. SiriusDecisions reports that for organizations having tightly-aligned marketing and sales team, 36% higher customer retention rate is achieved along with 38% higher sales win rate. As everything exists on the same platform, the sales team can effortlessly help marketers take their campaign to the right prospect. You can even track leads and monitor sales calls. This helps in being informed about how far your marketing efforts have reached.

Perceptive ROI reporting

You can resort to a lot of insightful reporting to know and understand the impact of your marketing and sales team efforts on the revenue. Harvard Business Review states that nearly 82% of B2Bs cited revenue as one of the important metrics shared between marketing and sales. Through the feature of advanced e-mail reporting, you can understand how your customers engage and react to your campaigns at each stage. This in turn provides an insight into identifying the bottlenecks, which makes it easier to adapt your efforts accordingly for better results. In the same way, connecting the dots between marketing efforts and sales results can help in analyzing the true value of ROI.

Pardot, a complete marketing automation tool together with Salesforce, the best-in-market CRM tool is the most efficient way to analyze your organizational data and resort to focused marketing, assisting sales in generating valuable ROI. Let this inseparable combination contribute to your success and take your revenue goals higher and higher.

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Author : Priya Sen Date : 28 Jun 2018