What makes MS Dynamics 365 for Marketing the undisputed choice for marketers

The much-awaited marketing module for Dynamics 365 by Microsoft finally hit the markets early this year. This marketing automation application has a lot to offer, providing marketers with a 360-degree view of the market, and helping them improve branding, communications and customer relationship.

MS Dynamics 365 for marketing is available as a business edition. It cannot be licensed on a named user basis, rather it can be licensed only per organization. The module comes as a bundle of apps and solutions diligently designed to support the marketing teams for easy coordination with sales. However, some of these apps and solutions are available as add-ons with other products of Dynamics 365.

This app is basically designed to support the closed loop marketing system. It assists in automating most of the marketing processes aiding marketers to reach the right kind of people with the right kind of message. Small marketing teams can immensely benefit from this app.

What can you do using MS Dynamics 365 for marketing

Perform core marketing processes 

The app comes with pre-designed professional templates and pages that can be customized to create graphical messages to be sent via emails and landing pages to suit the requirement of a specific brand. The drag and drop tools help simplify the creation of content, assisting you in providing a personal touch to the messages that reach audiences across the globe.

Take care of event management 

This is a unique feature currently available for only Dynamics 365 for marketing, using which you can create, manage and promote various live marketing events and webinars. This feature takes care of everything right from planning and attendee registration to broadcasting. It also lets you access the final analytics and evaluate the ROI on the event.  

Get a hold on lead management 

This feature helps you get a 360-degree view on your marketing leads. The latest data on your key contacts, past purchases, and recent activities of a particular contact can be found in one place. This makes it easier for you to create customer journeys across various channels and analyze those journeys to get valuable insights. Using these insights you can further set up flexible lead scoring models to generate demand, and identify and nurture the right prospect. The system automatically identifies a sales-ready score and passes it on to a salesperson of your organization for follow-up.

Create online campaigns and surveys 

Uniquely crafted surveys can be carried out using the feature VoC (Voice of the Customer) of Dynamics 365. These surveys help you better understand your customer and the market, thus making it easier for you to collect actionable insights and feedback on your brand to help you serve your customers better. Pre-built content packs in Power BI comprising dashboard and chart visualizations enable you to create report on the survey data. 

Customize your application 

The app has an adaptable platform that allows you to easily customize your application to suit your business requirements. In-built tools help take care of the basic customizations. Not only this, you get access to Microsoft AppSource from where third-party packages can be installed to expand the capabilities of your application by adding available new features. In the event of any expert advice or help required, it is easy to connect with other MS Dynamics 365 partners.

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Why should you use MS Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Flexible options for deployment 

MS Dynamics 365 comes with the flexible option of being deployed either on cloud or on-premise, or in between the two serving as a hybrid. It is immensely convenient for companies that do not want the hassle of acquiring added equipment or adding to their workforce. This app can easily be integrated with the existing applications. Updates are generated automatically and there is an in-built provision for troubleshooting and backup. New capabilities can be added as and when required, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

Improved visibility and actionable insights 

The unique features of MS Dynamics 365 for marketing offers a 360-degree view of the market demands, customers and prospects. Marketers have the benefit of finding all the data they need at a single touchpoint. The powerful in-built combination of BI and analysis improves predictive analysis and improves responses to the market demands. This empowers the teams to identify opportunities and maximize customer relationships leading to increased ROI.

Higher scalability and reduced learning curve

With the cloud deployment of this app, companies have the flexibility to scale up and down, and implement functionalities by adding additional applications as per changing business requirements. There are no complicated implementation processes that companies are generally wary of. Not to mention the added advantage of a reduced learning curve, as most companies already use Microsoft applications, MS Office being the most common, for business. Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with these existing applications. Familiarity of tools decreases the apprehension, reduces the learning curve, and improves productivity.

MS Dynamics 365 for marketing is, in a nutshell, a dynamic tool to transform the marketing activities of your organization and improve the conversion rates, turning each prospect into a long-term relationship.

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Author : Priya Sen Date : 18 Jul 2018