Suyati Step- A Better Me

Jithu ThampiWhen I started my B.Tech, my dream was to get placed in a reputed organization that follows certain values that I believe. When I got placed in this company, I never knew that it was different from the rest of the corporate world. But when I started my career here, things started to change. From the selfish boy to the one who learned to share. From the boy who revealed his fear to speak in English to the boy who started to believe that success is only for those who deserve it, and it comes through hard work. SUYATI had transformed me into a man with passion towards life.

SUYATI is really a dream place for every professional. Apart from the small infrastructure, once you get to know about the company, SUYATI is the place where great things happen beyond our imagination. The one month STEP program shows the real strength of the company.

As the name suggests, STEP is something which takes every trainee one step ahead in a competitive IT field. The one month STEP program brought remarkable changes and taught me the values which even the 4 year B.Tech course couldn’t teach me. Now I am confident to face the challenging IT world.

Talking about the sessions every staff shared their personal experiences with us on how to build a good career. Got a clear picture how to implement the theory lessons to solve real world problems.

I never expected for more. And I got exactly what I need for my career. Thanks to the STEP program. Thanks to the SUYATI Team.

Author : Jithu Thampi Date : 03 Jul 2015