Suyati Step- Sometimes like poles do attract

I had 2 placement offers in hand so I was a bit confused which one to select. Finally somehow I decided to opt for SUYATI and when I look back I don’t regret that decision. So far it is the best decision I’ve taken. STEP program was really useful to me, it helped me to gather the knowledge which the 4 year B.Tech course didn’t give me. The coding and Programming language training which even the projects we had done haven’t taught me.

GeethuThe soft skills section is no longer frightening. My stage fright has now reduced. Special thanks to Revathi ma’am, Muktha and Nina. Soft skills helped us to get closer. Now we know the fears, likes and dislikes of each other. Talking about soft skills section, I must not exclude Jithu. From the boy who revealed his fear to speak in English, Jithu had successfully transformed himself to a wonderful speech maker. No matter the blunders he speak, I really admire the power in his speech.

Basic Programming and OOP classes are the best. Jijo is the finest teacher I ever had. He can explain any complex topics, in simple terms with a real life example. So there is no CS, EC barrier between us. Shijil pays individual attention to each of us. Together the duo makes sure that the topics are well understood before moving to the next topic. Ann- Hashmy duo against Jijo-Shijil duo always makes the class interactive.

JavaScript, HTML, CSS sessions were new to me. It always fascinated me. I never knew that I could learn them so easily. The instant Look and Feel gives me satisfaction. Sachin- Soumya-Soumi trio are the best UI designers. The presence of Visak in our team makes us look professional.

Coming to the BA session Roy, Midhun and Amal are the best. I really love their logical reasoning skills. Wiki Anju along with Roy builds the best BA team. Anju’s notebook includes more information that even Wikipedia can’t contain itself. So we call her Wiki.

One day I heard a fire alarm. First of all, Dinsha panicked and ran towards the door. Muktha acted so naturally and shouted to everyone to get out. Mr. Cool, Amal instructed us not to panic However, Jithu took off his shoes and socks and ran barefoot, holding his belongings in one hand. Soumi started to call her mother for the one last time. We were amazed to see the flash mob and the whole fire alarm thing was a joke. Witnessed the SoCXO Neo release.

The second seat from the front on the left, in the conference room is the least demanded seat. It is right under the AC duct. Literally, I feel like sitting inside a refrigerator. We would be grateful if it is fixed.

Why am I feeling so attached to these 13 people around me? Why am I feeling so happy being here? I can say anything that I want to and nobody is going to judge me based on that. Finally, I am with the right people with whom I can be myself. We have something that binds us together.

Hence sometimes, like poles do attract.

Author : Geethu Jose Date : 03 Jul 2015