The Eighth Soldier


Human beings are territorial in nature. They also have an instinct to protect their own. This trait helps in building a community, encourages the growth and stability of its members, and brings in a feeling of oneness and belonging. This can be seen in the way different communities have unique names, attire, symbols, songs, etc. Giving something a name, giving it a personality, somehow makes it more real and increases the feeling of attachment.

As a close-knit community and family, Suyati too has these traits. This can be seen in how we have an anthem, a logo, a catchy tagline, and now, a mascot! That’s right! Suyati now has a mascot – a bespectacled, cute little red guy, for whom we even held a naming contest. From about 50 entries we received from Suyatians, the name Ocho Pongo was selected because of the interesting story behind it.

2017 saw Suyati turn eight, and it is also the year when SocialArmy, our employee social advocacy platform, was launched. So when the name Ocho (which means ‘eight’) Pongo (which means ‘Soldier’) was suggested, it was declared the hands down winner. The name was suggested by Neeraja Rajeev, and she won an Amazon gift voucher for it too!

OchoPongo Collage Neeraja, the other participants in the naming contest, and the SocialArmy team with Ocho Pongo

It’s a happening work life at Suyati. And you can join right now!

Author : Bhavya Venugopal Date : 08 Mar 2018