Celebrations: The Suyati Way of Life

xmas at suyati

We believe in celebrations – both big and small” – Kate Spade

Every culture has fun and festivities as an integral part of its tradition, and these celebrations have always been a platform for people to gather, have fun, and create stronger bonds.

Be it among family, friends, or now even in corporate organizations, a day for people to express their creative side and enjoy with their close circle is always eagerly awaited. At Suyati, celebrations are a way of life. We believe that by celebrating every possible win or occasion, we are able to recognize hidden talent and create a more cohesive workplace where every individual is rewarded for his or her contribution.

But don’t take our word for it – check out the videos and the pics!

As the recent SIM event showed us, bonding as a team helps everyone get a better understanding about the bigger picture, while also highlighting each team member’s role in the organization. At Suyati, we have THREE MEGA celebrations every year, and a SERIOUS array of competitions and contests in between, including sports events, games, lucky draws, flash mobs, etc.

  • Suyati Annual Day: The most awaited gala event for Suyatians! The day is celebrated with full-fledged enthusiasm and zeal every team member can muster, and hence is as colourful and fun as can be! There is dance, music, drama, prizes, awards, rewards and recognitions, and a whole day of enjoyment outside the office premises.
  • Onam Celebration: The annual harvest festival of Kerala is another popular fiesta among Suyatians, especially as our families are also invited. With everyone attired in the customary white-and-gold garb, the celebrations take up a traditional look in all the festivities from dance to music to food.
  • Christmas: The last major party of every calendar year, the Christmas celebrations at Suyati changes the entire look and feel of the office itself! A Christmas tree is lit and loaded, the different work bays are decorated in different themes, and the entire company is split into teams, and present theme based dress codes, skits, competitions, and games in a no-holds barred war!

Here is a glimpse from our Christmas celebrations which drew the curtains on 2017, and started our eager countdown for a more fun, bonding, and entertaining 2018.


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Author : Bhavya Venugopal Date : 10 Jan 2018