The Office Classroom – SuyatiSTEP

May 5th 2014, one of the important days of my life, when I got really apprehensive about entering into a new phase – it was the first day at my office Suyati Technologies Pvt Ltd. I entered the reception and I saw few other new fresh faces waiting there to be escorted. I was seated along with them and I started reflecting on the interview I had to attend months back to join here. It was then, Mr. Vincent (HR Director) told me “Profession is like marriage, you need to have the same commitment towards your profession like you would have it for the marriage relationship.” By imbibing these words more into my heart I made myself more confident and got prepared for my professional life.

After a while we were escorted to the conference room where the objectives and structure of our training program – “SuyatiSTEP” were introduced. The first month of SuyatiSTEP was focused on teaching the basics of very important subjects that were essential for the survival in the IT industry. It included topics like Object Oriented Programing, Data Structures, Business Analysis, Coding Conventions, Quality Assurance, Database, Memory Management, Information Systems, Web Technologies (HTML 5), Object Oriented JavaScript and CSS3. These sessions were really good and helped me in understanding the concepts very clearly, and all the mysteries I had behind few topics were revealed. All the mentors had put so much effort to teach us the concepts and most of the sessions included practical lessons, activities and assessments for our deeper understanding. Along with these, we had Social Media & Soft Skills sessions which mainly focused on expressing ourselves and contributing our ideas to the society through Social Media.

The mentors were experts from various fields and the way they explain things and present the concepts were so simple and easy to understand. The concept of agile in SDLC was totally new and was interesting for me. At the end of the 1st month of training I learned so many new things about the real technologies that are employed in the IT industry and was able to unveil and test my caliber on them. The program did lay a strong foundation for the fresh minds to grow limitlessly and did boost the drive for innovation. Above all I am impressed and motivated by the “Passion for Technology” that everyone at Suyati possess. This was just the first phase of training! I am really thrilled and I look forward to exploring and learning new things in my next 2 months of training on Salesforce.

Author : Divya Date : 07 Aug 2014