Top CRM systems compared – Infographic

How do you identify the right Customer Relationship Management system for your enterprise? Being distinct from each other, it is vital to know which solution suits your business. Here we have tried to compare the top five Customer Relationship Management systems OracleSiebelSAPRamco and  Salesforce on the basis of various factors that influence the growth of organizations today.  Salesforce, that has been around for 15 years, is one of the most popular among CRMs, boasting of products that serve the sales and marketing arms of a business. Its features include analytics, mobile access, forecasting and contact management. They also offer various pricing options, which makes it easy to figure out what is needed for the number of users you’ll have. Salesforce is an all-in-one, cloud-based CRM that has everything that a business needs in a CRM software. CRM software carries much of the workload for businesses, especially the sales process. Check out this infographic to know which CRM fits your business.

Comparision of Top CRM

A CRM solution along with integrations into marketing technologies like marketing automation bring opportunities for small businesses and even large enterprises to thrive. Businesses today need to expertly manage prospects and existing customers. An essential part of that strategy would be using an efficient CRM platform. There are so many features and functionalities that must be considered before buying and implementing a CRM. But ideally to select the right CRM, we need to know all of the available features of the CRM and know exactly what specific CRM functionality the organization and business needs. This Infographic lets you have a look at the various considerations that go into deciding the suitable system for your organization. Right from understanding the USP of each CRM, this Infographic details the cost factor, data storage capabilities, web & mobile availability, cloud availability, marketing automation features, ERP integration- to name a few.


Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 17 Jun 2015