Big Data SMACK

Big data architecture is becoming a must-have requirement for enterprises. A popular architecture today – SMACK stands for Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra and Kafka.Today the emphasis is not just on capturing the data but also about performing efficient data analysis.

In today’s competitive environment, every business is data business. By integrating these five technologies in a right manner, we can help you leverage real time information. You can act upon the competitive intelligence, and take your business to new heights.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a fast, in-memory data processing engine with elegant and expressive development APIs.Spark runs on Hadoop, Mesos, standalone, or in the cloud. It can access diverse data sources including HDFS, Cassandra, HBase, and S3.

Apache Spark is built by a wide set of developers from over 200 companies. Since 2009, more than 1000 developers have contributed to Spark!

Suyati offers:

  • Help to derive functional intelligence from your data and can do exploratory data analysis to transform your business for the better.
  • Our big data experts will support you to cost effectively manage, monitor and maintain your big data applications or in Spark deployments.

We have Spark expertise in the areas of platform and application development.

Apache Mesos

Apache Mesos abstracts CPU, memory, storage, and other compute resources away from machines (physical or virtual). Thus, it provides efficient resource isolation, enables elastic resource sharing, and fault-tolerant distributed applications, or frameworks.

Suyati offers:

  • Integration with other fast data solutions like AKKA ,Apache Spark and Apache Flink
  • An architecture and develops extensible, future-proof, massive scaling applications running on Mesos infrastructure


Akka is an open-source toolkit and runtime for simplifying the process of building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM.

Akka provides a better platform to build scalable, resilient and responsive applications using actor model.

Suyati offers:

  • Developing “Reactive Applications” using AKKA platform.
  • We help our clients to easily migrate from legacy systems to scalable micro services.


When scalability and high availability is your priority, then Apache Cassandra database is the right choice. What makes Cassandra the perfect platform for mission-critical data is its linear scalability and proven fault-tolerance on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure.
Cassandra performs well in mixed operational and analytic workloads, typical to modern Web, Mobile and IoT applications.
The support it provides for replicating across multiple data centres is best-in-class, providing lower latency for your users and the peace of mind of knowing that you can survive regional outages.

Suyati offers:

  • Consultancy and development services for Apache Cassandra and DataStax suite to define Big Data Strategy
  • We can create the architecture according to best practices and help with implementation, migration and optimization according to client’s needs
  • Assistance for getting from the whiteboard to production.
  • Provides integration with other big data solutions, such as Apache Spark, Apache Flink and Apache Kafka.


Kafka is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. It is horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant, fast, and runs in production in thousands of companies.

It is applied mainly for building real-time streaming, in data pipelines that reliably gets data between systems and for applications to react suitably to the streams of data.

Suyati offers:

  • Support to managing real time data flows from IoT devices
  • Architecture and we develop application insights based on fast data processing
  • Integration with other fast data solutions like AKKA, Apache Spark, Apache Flink and data storages likes Cassandra, Hadoop, S3 etc.