Enhancing patient experience with integrated contact centres


Technology has revolutionized the way we lead our lives today. Everything happens in lightning speed and every service can be personalized to meet each individual’s preferences. Given this scenario, it is not surprising that the story is no different when it comes to something as basic and crucial as healthcare. Today, we all expect a faster and customized healthcare experience. For the same reason, healthcare service providers must treat their patients just like how other business treats their customer. They must aim to provide the best customer experience and allow easy access to all services on offer.


Digital technologies have already transformed our healthcare experience with innovations like wearable devices, home monitoring systems and patient tracking mobile apps. These have improved the communication between the patient and their healthcare provider greatly. But the best way to build an engaging patient experience in today’s times is by investing in a cloud-based patient management system like Salesforce Health Cloud. This will allow you to get a full view of every patient, thanks to integrated data from various sources like wearable devices, electronic medical records and so on. Using this data, healthcare professionals will be able to make better decisions, engage with their patients across caregiver networks and efficiently manage data on their health condition.


What is an integrated contact center?

A contact center or a customer interaction center is a central point that manages all customer contacts. In healthcare, it is often the first point of contact for patients with the service provider. It is not just a center that routes telephone calls, as it is an important halt that helps collect health information from patients and store them or

disseminate them to the right healthcare professionals. Today, the contact center is key to keeping costs in control, increasing patient loyalty, increasing healthcare professionals’ productivity and enhancing the brand’s profitability as well.


One of the most important features that sets Salesforce Health Cloud apart from other similar platforms is an integrated contact center. Today patients demand a single entry access to all available services and a single point of contact to find answers to all their questions. An integrated contact center will help create a consistent patient experience, making them loyal to your healthcare brand and thus increase revenue. Let’s take a look at how having an integrated contact center will ease the whole process and provide a top-notch user experience for patients:


Improved communication

An integrated contact center makes sure that patient data is collected and brought together from various devices and is converted into usable pieces of information that will help healthcare professionals take apt decisions. This feature encourages patients to be an active partner in their own care regime and keeps them in the loop by latest educational content, appointment reminders and providing access to support groups. It, thus, encourages patients to connect and collaborate with other patients and caregivers through the active community and get answers to their doubts or share their anxieties. Both care coordinators and patients can have a better idea of the progress of each care plan as data is updated regularly, thereby, solidifying the trust equation and ensuring loyalty.


On-time care solutions

With integrated contact centers, caregivers will be updated of events like a cancelled or missed appointment, or a need to refill medicine dosages. This will help them be on track in carrying out the care plan and they can do so without having to toggle between multiple systems or devices. As all information is integrated, caregivers can access it all on a single console. This saves time and ensures that patients receive timely and on-point care solutions. Also, due to better management of patient data, they can be sure of being in the loop about upcoming appointments and check-ups.


Professional and top-quality care solutions

Today’s patients are not as naive or uninformed as the generations that are gone by. They are proactively involved in every aspect of their health and well-being and are updated about new technologies as well. If they are convinced that a specific approach will help ease their discomfort or cure their medical issue, they are more than willing to come forward with the necessary information. According to a Salesforce survey, almost 71 percent millennials are demanding that their doctors suggest a mobile app to help them stay healthy. About 63 percent of them said they would be happy to provide their health data from their wearables to doctors to monitor their well-being. Such patients will be hugely benefitted by integrated contact centers as they enable caregivers to work more efficiently and provide patients with faster and more insightful care solutions. As a patient’s complete details can be viewed at one go, it makes it easier for collaboration and effective decision-making.


Patients no longer want to be in the shadow of healthcare professionals. They want to be an active part of what is being done to their bodies and demands to have a clear say in the process. Salesforce Health Cloud, thus, helps increase patient satisfaction and enable them to make the right choices about the health care professionals to work with and how to engage with them.


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Author : Monty Majeed Date : 04 Oct 2016