From Mumbai to Kochi: To Learn, Explore, Work


When Mumbaikar Lokin left home to join Suyati Technologies, he had many apprehensions about what life would be like in a new town, where people barely spoke Hindi and the food habits were poles apart. Four months down, the journey of familiarization has been quite a pleasant one for him, as we found out. In his personal blog, he opens his heart about how in spite of the differences, he has found a comfortable space for himself in Cochin. And how Suyati has embraced him, and vice versa. Let’s take a look at his personal musings in his blog:

August 2015 was the month in which I moved to this beautiful and clean city to join Suyati and it has been wonderful experience since then. Living near Marine Drive and only Jain temple in Ernakulum to make sure not to give-up my religious habits. City is very different from Mumbai, things are not as easy as Tier1/Financial capital but that’s the reason for peace and you can feel the difference in air. 

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Author : Lokin Shah Date : 29 Dec 2015