Hybris for e-Commerce

by Nielsen Global Online Survey on Internet shopping habits revealed that 85 percent of the world’s online population (875 million in total) has made at least one purchase on the internet. Talk about a highly prospective customer base!

The exponential growth of B2C customers or “online shoppers” from a mere 10 percent of the world’s online population to 40 percent in a span of two years has the internet bustling with the setup of more and more “web stores”.

Despite the lucrative nature of this market, companies still fail to make their fortunes due to the absence of an adequate online trading platform. The substantial increase in the number of companies providing online retailing services has also led to stiff competition among vendors, making personalization, innovation, and customization a necessity.

hybris software, a leader in the e-commerce industry, provides the ideal platform to highlight your B2C organization and channel all the contextual traffic into your domain. Using hybris tools and features, an ecommerce business can:

  • Create easy to use, intuitively designed and systematically arranged platform that attracts customers
  • Present a platform that can be easily customized to highlight products as per the preference of the customer
  • Enable integration of various channels onto a single platform while maintaining consistent performance across each channel. The B2C commerce enables the adoption of additional channels onto the same platform, giving the customers multiple channels to sell and market their products and services
  • Create hassle free product delivery systems and secure payment modes, all programmed to provide an ‘easy to use’ environment for the customers
  • Provide a wide range of content, merchandizing and marketing capabilities that helps ensure inflow of traffic and its retention
  • Automate processing and delivery, thus improving the efficiency of order fulfillment and making shopping a great experience for the customer

The hybris B2C commerce platform is an integration of e-Commerce management, marketing and sales, merchandizing and IT management, which together forms the perfect equation for the successful establishment and operation of a web store.

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Author : mkrishna Date : 04 Jul 2012