Come on! Let’s start blogging!!!

blogging session at suyatiLast week we had a wonderful blogging session at Suyati. Even though I haven’t written any blogs before, this session gave me an inspiration to start writing. It was really helpful for those who haven’t written anything before, and those who have ideas in their mind but don’t know how to express it as a relevant piece of content.

After that session ended, I was ready to try my hand at writing- but what would my first blog be about? The session had been an inspiration to a novice like me, so I decided to write about the session itself.
Before attending the session, I had lots of doubts in my mind- why should I write a blog, what should I write about, how to present my thoughts etc. I am sure most of you would have felt the same the first time you decided to write a blog. The session was crowded with our CEO, HR director, our architecture team and newbies all deciding to join the fun. Most of them were experienced bloggers and a small section of us newbies peeled our ears and eyes to take in whatever advice they had to give.

suyati blogging session
In the first session Subin, our content admin, gave us an overall idea of how to start blogging, what topics to handle, what are the different types of blogs and the most important thing, what is the benefit of writing blogs. Blogs eventually helps us to create a unique identity in this new online era, share our thoughts with the outside world. It could be technical, nontechnical, or personal. It also helps your company to get recognized through your efforts, as well as help you to build up new professional circles all over the world.

Next we had a highly interactive session by Revathi, our Chief Content Officer, who began with the question- why don’t we all write blogs? Almost all of us are aware of the common excuses that we non-bloggers give- not having time, afraid of making grammatical mistakes, not having relevant content etc.
She started shredding all those excuse to bits and gave examples of CEOs of top companies who are avid bloggers. If they have time then why don’t we? (Even our CEO had no answer to that!!)

All of us are social beings and involved in lots of day to day activities in our life. So there are bunch of topics around us!!So all we have to do is just write our thoughts in a piece of paper or anywhere. She had exact solutions for all our doubts and finally the non-bloggers ran out of excuses!

She gave us some valuable tips on blogging which I would like to share with you:

  • Focus on title and the relevancy of the content
  • Express our thoughts using simple English
  • Ensure that the content does not have any spelling mistakes
  • Make our blog attractive with images and valid references
  • And the most important thing – Write it in your own words

As you can see, that session inspired me to write this small piece. I can now proudly say that I am a blogger too!! Thanks to the team who conducted the session- you have gifted me a new hobby. Blogging!

Author : Ajai Mani Date : 27 May 2014