Salesforce has lived up to its reputation of relentless innovation by launching Einstein Voice, a new voice assistant for enterprises. Salesforce Voice joins the ranks of Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant, in offering users the ability to work through voice.

Speech is the flavor of the season. One out of every five US adults has smart speakers at home, and about 30% of users now use voice technology to engage with apps and websites.  

The popularity of voice is across all activities, and the work domain is no different. For one, voice effect a fundamental shift in the way of work. Typing in a command is a dedicated activity, requiring the user to stop doing everything else. Voice, on the other hand, frees up the hand for other activities.

Salesforce Voice comes in two powerful tools: Voice Assistant and Voice Bots.

Einstein Voice Assistant

Einstein Voice Assistant is essentially a speech UI which overlays Salesforce. Users may access the Voice Assistant through the latest Salesforce app or by using smart speakers.

The obvious benefit of using Voice is being able to dictate memos, create tasks, and manage activities through speech rather than by typing in commands. Einstein Voice leverages natural language capabilities to transcribe the audio stream. As the user dictates the memo, Einstein Voice Assistant not just transcribes the audio stream, but side-by-side, the inbuilt natural language understanding models classify and make the required updates in the various Salesforce fields. The tool extracts and normalizes the inputs to match the required field formats automatically.

Update Salesforce conversationally: 

Salesforce Voice Assistant is much more than a glorified transcription tool. Salesforce has positioned Voice as a component of the Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) platform. The tool

automatically transforms unstructured voice data, leveraging natural language processing, voice recognition technology and other Einstein AI technologies, to update Salesforce records, notify the team members, create tasks and undertake a whole gamut of other activities. When an event is logged, the AI engine makes sure all relevant contacts are included in the event’s details.

With Einstein Voice Assistant, data entry becomes faster and easier. Sales reps are able to not just update the information from anywhere, but more importantly do so when the information is still fresh in their minds.  The highly advanced AI engine improves accuracy and enhances productivity manifold. The Voice Assistant also perfectly complements mobility, allowing users to update Salesforce in real-time and run their business anytime, anywhere.

Get Personalized daily briefings

Einstein Voice offers a personalized daily briefing at the start of the day or any time the user fancies. The readout, delivered via a smart speaker, may contain key Salesforce metrics and priorities, schedules, opportunity updates, or anything else, as configured by the admins.

Einstein Voice Assistant understands key phrases such as “next month” to remind users at the appropriate time.

Explore Salesforce dashboards seamlessly

Voice commands allow business users to easily bring up information they require. Rather than manually search and open files, they may simply open their mouth to bring up the Salesforce dashboard, and drill down into the required details. A sales manager, could, for instance, run a pipeline review meeting by asking Einstein to surface the pipeline dashboard and dive into the required region to identify top local deals.

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Salesforce Voice Bots 

True to form, Salesforce does not plan to rest on the laurels of Einstein Voice Assistant. On the offing is Einstein Voice Bots, built on the Einstein Bot Platform.  Einstein Voice Bots allow Salesforce customers to build their own voice assistants.

Companies may use Salesforce Einstein Voice Bots to build their own customer-facing voice bots, to answer customer service questions through a smart speaker.

The customer-facing Einstein Voice Bots will take a load off the back of the customer support team. Consider the case of an airline, which could drastically reduce its customer support staff and effort by building Einstein voice bots to let customers update their booking information in Salesforce. An Internet service provider could deploy voice bots to tap knowledge articles in Salesforce’s Service Cloud, and answer questions asked by the customer. A rental car company could likewise deploy Einstein Voice Bot to allow customers to update a reservation through a simple voice command using a smart speaker.

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Old Wine in a new Bottle?

The question is whether Salesforce Voice is, at the end of the day, reinventing the Alexia or Cortana wheel. Salesforce Voice does offer significant differentiation to the tools offered by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Salesforce Voice scores over Microsoft and Apple’s produce in being more customizable.  For instance, corporate users may “teach” voice the jargons, acronym, and slangs in a company’s lexicon, ensuring seamless flow without hitches. Voice offers native integration capabilities with popular voice assistants, offering seamless interoperability. Moreover, Salesforce Voice is siloed, restricting data pulls to individual users’ accounts.

Salesforce Voice also represents a major effort to leverage smart speakers to create engaging or useful experiences for customers

Salesforce Voice also gets the advantage of being able to leverage the built-in Salesforce Einstein capabilities. This offers the tool far more data to crunch, and as such make much more effective predictions and recommendations compared to other tools.

Voice heralds the advent of conversational CRM as a potent tool in a company’s arsenal. Salesforce Voice is all set to redefine customer experience and establish new paradigms in productivity.  Voice represents a significant step in Salesforce’s efforts to make the best use of AI and machine learning technologies to enhance customer experience and engagement.

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24 Oct 2018
Author : Nayab Naseer