A step-by-step guide to configuring emails in MS Dynamics CRM

M S Dynamics allows you to send emails from CRM. You also have the option to create and manage email templates in MS Dynamics CRM, besides an enhanced HTML editor.

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 The following steps describe how to configure the CRM to send emails from it.

1. Create a Server profile.

     To configure email in CRM, you need to first of all set up an email server profile.

     To do this:

        a. Navigate to Settings->Email configuration->Email Server Profiles

        b. Click the New option

Email configuration in Dynamics

c. A screen will be opened where you have to enter details of the email server which you want to configure within the CRM. Once this is done click on Save

2. Now navigate to Settings->Email Configuration->Mailboxes

3. Now a screen will be displayed with active mailboxes. If your mailbox doesn’t appear in the list, you must change the option to Inactive mailboxes, select your mailbox, and then click on the activate option. Now your mailbox will be seen in Active Mailboxes list.

email configuration in crm4. Click on your Active mailbox. Now, a screen will be displayed which will automatically populate some of the details like name, email address, owner etc. You’ll have to set some of the additional information. They are:

Server Profile: Select the server profile which we have created just now.
Incoming Email: Set this option to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook.
Outgoing Email: Set this option to Server Side Synchronization or Email Router.
Appointments, Contacts and Tasks: Set this option to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook.

Dynamics mailbox configure5. In the Credentials section change the allow to use credentials for email processing from No to Yes. Now the fields to enter User name and Password will be displayed. The username will be the same as what you set in the CRM email field. The password will be the app password which you create from the mail account.

To create mail app password

1. Open your mail in the web browser.

2.Navigate to My Account->Sign in and Security-> App password

3. Choose the option Mail for Windows Computer from the dropdown menu displayed and click on the Generate Now an app password will be created. Copy that password and paste it in the CRM Password field.


4. Once you have entered the necessary details in the form click on Save

5. Now, click on Test and Enable mailbox

6. Now, when you check your mailbox screen you can see the configuration success message there. Now your CRM account is configured to send emails.

7. Now Navigate to Sales-> Activities->Email

8. Email screen will be displayed and you should enter the details like To, Subject and the required content in the mail body. Now, click on Send Your mail will be send from CRM.

MS dynamics mails

Hope you have learned how to configure emails using MS Dynamics CRM. Please try it out and get back to us if you have any queries.

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