Top 5 business benefits of SugarCRM


A business can truly be a success only when it manages to keep its customers happy. And one of the stepping stones in this endeavor is to have an excellent CRM software to manage the records of your customers, and run business processes in a streamlined way.
Enter SugarCRM- a software solution built to manage and monitor customer information, drive sales leads, sort out client requests and carry out supplementary sales and marketing functions. SugarCRM is available in both free and commercial versions, with the latter offering advanced functionalities that include offline client synchronization, integration with Microsoft Outlook, multiple deployment options, and the like.
Let us explore the top 5 reasons for which acquiring SugarCRM for your business will prove to be a winning idea!

1. Smoother Sales:

a) SugarCRM will provide you with an overall picture of your sales situation. You can utilize this software to concentrate your marketing efforts on targeted customers that showcases the most potential for successful conversions. This also helps in shrinking your expenditure as it cuts down unnecessary expenses on individuals who are not going to translate into customers.

b) SugarCRM will also help you spot your clients’ exact position on the sales funnel. Studies have shown that using a CRM software will dramatically increase lead-to-closing ratios.

c) It provides a real-time picture of sales leads and parallel-run marketing campaigns which help in making impromptu managerial decisions.

2. Changing the Conversation: SugarCRM helps you in creating a conversation about your brand, with your customers. This tool can help you effectively assuage your customers’ doubts and misgivings by automatically intimating them about discounts, renewals, incentives, coupons, and offers. In addition, it helps you analyze and assemble all relevant data about a prospective client and create tailor-made solutions that will fit client needs perfectly. A marketing-driven CRM software will help communicate relevant information about your brand to the customer. For instance, if a promotion is being run in a specific branch of your chain of coffee shops, you can use SugarCRM to disseminate this information to clients who fall under that particular demographic.

3. Multi-Device Support & Ease of Access: SugarCRM can also be accessed my mobile devices as it has the facility to enter prospect details seamlessly on a mobile device. And it is not just restricted to mobile devices. Authorized users can gain access to the system from anyplace and anytime, as it supports a Java-enabled web browser. SugarCRM can also be linked with a number of third-party applications. It does not matter if you are running a small outlet or a big firm as SugarCRM offers a plethora of add-on options.

4. Social Networking: In the age of the Social Network, SugarCRM’s ability to see activities on your company’s various social media pages via the ‘Activity Streams’ dash let is more of an asset than ever. It also helps you effortlessly sync in contacts, tasks, calendars and more from Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Gmail or other IMAP email servers.

5. Affordability: The software is big on affordability and rest assured, so you can be sure that your company’s pockets do not have to run deep.
According to statistics, an estimated 1.5 million people are using SugarCRM to help drive their business growth. From working successful sales deals and blitzing audiences with highly targeted email campaigns as a marketing function to providing service support and interpreting data, SugarCRM is now a huge part of different verticals across a single company. Let us see how!

Sales: As explained above, right from initial leads to the final conversions, the tool helps in managing sales.
Marketing: SugarCRM enables a marketing team to understand their customers as real, living people behind the statistics. It helps in delivering the right messages to the audience at the right time.
Customer Support: Information about which support staff contacted which customer, what issues were discussed, what was solved, and so on are easily available at the click of a button, thereby allowing to ‘increase retention and reduce churn’.
Automating processes: Advanced tools help in automating and mapping business processes.
Analytics: Today, the proof is in the pie. The pie chart, that is, SugarCRM helps in collecting real-time big data with user definable dashboard KPIs, metrics, sales funnels, reports, and SQL-based reporting.
Security: Data is safely-guarded through multiple gates of security and users have access to information only on a need-to-know basis.
Data Backup: With the Import and Export features, information can be easily transferred into and out of the solution and database backups are available when required.
Taking it overseas: You can take your business across the seas what with Sugar’s multiple concurrent currencies, its support for various time zones, dates and currency formats, and a user interface that supports over 33 languages!

Author : Spathika Ram Date : 15 Dec 2015