Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s stellar retail success brings with it a true blue opportunity, and our team delivers in style. Utilizing Amazon’s highly optimized infrastructure for your applications makes sense to us. We collaborate with AWS to offer superior cloud services in the following areas: Computing

  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) – it delivers fixed-size and non-resizable, multitenant VMs that are Xen-virtualized (without autorestart)
  • Dedicated Instances that offer single-tenant VMs
  • Special options for HPC, including graphics processing units (GPUs)


  • Elastic Block Store – VM-independent block storage
  • SSD options, and Provisioned IOPS
  • Simple Storage Service [S3] an object-based storage, integrated with a CDN (CloudFront)
  • Glacier – long-term archive storage
  • AWS’ own cloud storage gateway appliance


  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for complicated networking & IPsec VPN
  • AWS Direct Connect – partner exchanges that provide 3rd-party connectivity


  • The per-element RBAC comes with strong roles defined by the customer, as well as extraordinary control over all permissions
  • A host of certifications and audits with AWS related to security and compliance