Rejecting the exuberant syntax, Python puts forth its approach to language design in favor of “there should be one—and preferably only one—obvious way to do it”. With more than 72,000 packages offered by third-party software, Python is equipped to offer enormous functionalities for the users. The FOSS team at Suyati: We are at your beck and call to render services and frameworks in Python – Django, Pylons, Zope, and Plone. Using Python’s open source, flexible, and dynamic language, we possess the expertise in developing web applications with Django, games, embedded systems, process audio, video, images, and provide libraries, components, and plugins. Among our accomplishments:

  • Developed a job placement portal developed on Python-Django framework with PostgreSQL as the back-end.
  • Includes simple logins, detailed profiles, and barcode authenticated interview cards.
  • Allows users to apply for jobs, and better yet, the system automatically sends job details to people who match the profile.
  • We’ve also used created an amusement park management system that calculates the number of people on or around rides, and then sends mobile offers for rides that are running below capacity.

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