Top 8 Open Source Project Management Tools

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Project management is one of the crucial elements in the success of a business enterprise. Bad project management can put the future of a company in jeopardy. With the advent of the web and cloud, project management has been compelled to enter a new territory with numerous opportunities and threats. Project management tools enable its users to amplify the opportunities at hand and dispatch all the potential threats.

Project management tools under an open source license provide ample scope to adapt to the unique needs of the enterprise, evolve with the ever-changing environment and integrate all desirable elements of project management into a single open source software customized just for you and your enterprise.  Let’s take a look at the popular open source project management tools that could revolutionize your business experience.

OrangeScrum: #1 Task Management Software

OrangeScrum is a project management tool developed keeping freelancers, agencies, small and medium businesses in mind. OrangeScrum provides a simple and user-friendly ScrumBoard for resource planning and tracking progress. This gives an overview of who is doing what, what is already done and what needs to be done next.

OrangeScrum supports conversation threads with provision for attachments to enable the team members to share ideas, ask questions, get feedback and engage in discussions without any need to rely on emails and messenger apps. Moreover, you can enable automatic emails to be sent at the end of the day to the whole team which includes all the daily updates.

OrangeScrum plans vary according to the number of users and storage space requirements. There are three main plans – Startup, Basic and Standard. Startup is the cheapest plan which is priced at $9 per month and provides 5GB storage space for 10 users.

Interestingly, OrangeScrum community helps in customization, data migration, integration and in building and incorporating similar apps and add-ons to suit the needs of the customer.  It is also available to be installed on the premises. Nonetheless, all these features and auxiliaries add to the pricing plan. OrangeScrum Demo for Community version is available for free which lets you get a first-hand experience of all its features before installing it in your system.


Taiga: Love your project

Taiga is a project management platform developed by Kaleidos, a Madrid-based company. It is equally beneficial to startups, agile developers and designers. It has a beautiful, user-friendly interface to keep your team in sync. It is designed to be intuitive, unobtrusive and easy to use.  It is a free open source software with highly customizable options. Taiga provides a backlog to keep the running list of all features and user stories. Other features include kanban, tasks, sprints and issues. Although now available for free, Taiga is set to release other pricing plans by 2016.


Tuleap: Build software better, easier, faster

Tuleap open ALM is a fully libre and open source software development and project management tool for big companies, R & D centers and SMEs. Although designed primarily for agile management, it supports not just agile, but also traditional, hybrid, and even custom processes to plan and manage your projects. Project configuration is customizable and can be set as a template. Essential features include easy administration, code review, document management, continuous integration, tracking and collaboration tools.


Agilefant: Visibility is Agility

Agilefant is an end-to-end project management tool with powerful work management features providing visibility for the entire organization. The features of Agilefant include iteration management, product management, portfolio management, daily work, time tracking and reporting. Only the Solo version supporting a single version is available for free. Versions Team, Group, Business, Enterprise costs $5, $10, $25 and $50 respectively per user per month. Team only supports maximum of 5 users, however, all other versions support unlimited users.


OpenProject: Redefining project collaboration

OpenProject is a free and open source web-based project management software. It offers features like collaborative project planning, timeline reports, task management, time and cost reporting. Supported plugins include backlogs, global roles, help link, cost, pdf export among others. Auto project and emoji are two examples of the community plugins available. Being free and open source, any open source enthusiast can create and incorporate new plugin into the software to meet specific needs. OpenProject has an active community working on building and contributing to the development of a powerful open source software for project collaboration.


]project open[: integrated open source application

]project open[ is an integrated open source application that provides solutions for all crucial needs of the service industry. ]po[ solutions include Enterprise Project Management, Project Management Office, IT Service Management and Professional Service Automation. ]po[ EPM include features like Project Planning, Project Staffing, Project Tracking, Project Collaboration and Project Accounting. You can download the Community edition for Windows and Linux or buy the application.


MyCollab: The Excellent Collaboration Workspace

MyCollab is a free and open source project management software suitable for SMEs, developers and freelancers. It lets you manage tasks, documents, customers all in one place. Features include CRM, Project Management, Document Management, Issues Management and Online Document Editor. The free plan only supports a single project for three users and only a storage space of 200MB. Other paid plans include Micro for individuals, Compact for teams, Corporate for large teams and Enterprise for medium and large enterprises. Professional plans include necessary and powerful features like time tracking and bug tracking. Free trials are available for all paid plans.


Odoo: #1 Open Source ERP & CRM

Odoo is an open source suite of business apps with all-in-one management solutions. The suite takes into account the main aspects of business world including website, sales, human resources, finance, marketing, productivity and operations. Odoo apps are easily customizable to meet the unique needs of your business enterprise.  It is a fast evolving software with around 2000 developers working on its development to adapt to anticipated needs. Another revolutionary advantage of opting the Odoo is that you can choose the apps you need and add the extra integrations you desire to make your dream business suite. The pricing will depend on the apps chosen and the number of users you intend to include. However, a free trial of any app is available online. If you would like to know more about this, please send an email to

Author : Letterbug Date : 17 Nov 2015