​How does a CRM work?


A Customer Relationship Management System is a valuable arsenal for any company that values efficiency and productivity over everything else. The core idea behind a CRM is that an enterprise should have organized access to information pertaining to its accounts and its clients. In short, CRM solution serves as the point of transaction and interaction between employees of a company and its customers. A Customer Relationship Management System delivers multiple benefits and is well worth the investment. Communication and response management together form the substratum of any CRM. However, realizing the benefits of the CRM requires a good understanding of how it works.

how crm systems works

Uses of a CRM

Enterprises use CRM to collect and manage data regarding their customers.

Using a CRM, the business may apply such data to:

  • Target specific marketing campaigns to specific customers based on their preference
  • View and manage contact information to serve prospects and customers better
  • Offer services such as product tracking and real time quotes
  • Follow up or respond through email, social media, telephone or any other media
  • Manage tasks related to customers, such as generating invoices, sending reminder emails and more
  • Track performance of sales and marketing executives vis a vis their customers
  • Process all data and information related to the customer as analytics, to gain real-time visibility

It’s almost impossible to manage workflow without a Customer Relationship Management System

That said, do you really know how a CRM works? This infographic we have made should help with that.​ This Infographic throws light into the essence of CRM workflow. It also describes how a CRM solution turns beneficial for marketers, sales reps, business managers, and customer support executives. For a CRM solution to be successful, it needs to be finely integrated with the external applications and systems. Workflows should be reviewed periodically to wipe out errors.


Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 04 Aug 2015