4 pointers to keep in mind for cloud based Disaster Recovery Services

Cloud based Disaster Recovery (DR) has been creating lot of buzz these days. What actually is Cloud based DR? Cloud Based DR refers to maintaining a secondary DR site in the cloud at 20-30% of the primary site’s cost and a four hour RTO (Restore Time Objective) that is set according to the business requirements of the customers. It brings in huge economic benefits and strong flexibility in recovery options during failovers.

What should a company do to adopt the cloud based DR plan?

While it may sound like a great idea, Cloud based DR is only at a 11% overall adoption level now. While adopting Cloud based DR in your company, Forrester recommends that you keep the following 4 pointers in mind –

  • Begin with non-critical applications

Before you move your business-critical or client-facing applications to the cloud, it is better to test the DR services in the cloud with non-critical applications, especially those used internally. Identify these less critical applications, move them to the cloud, and test the services before migrating the heavy-duty ones

  • Keep an eye on the SLAs

Carefully understand the SLAs (service-level agreements) for your DR solutions. Select only those solutions that guarantee the RTOs and RPOs (Restore Point Objective), not those that only promise to make an effort to attain them.

  • Minimize the Recovery resources

Operations and infrastructure professionals must analyze the resources’ requirements meticulously during DR and keep it optimal.

  • Prioritize the applications for cloud recovery according to ease of testing

A critical reason for a company to use cloud-based recovery is to make testing less disruptive and expensive. But if you are not ready to host your entire recovery infrastructure on the cloud,  you should carefully choose between those applications that are to be maintained traditionally and those which are to be maintained via cloud based recovery, to ensure smooth end-to-end testing.

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Source: http://www.informationweek.com/news/services/disaster_recovery/232800112

Author : mkrishna Date : 17 Apr 2012