What a fresher needs is the Basics!

First of all, I would like to thank Suyati for conducting a SuyatiSTEP program for us, because it is very useful. I know that it is the first time you are conducting the program, even though few sessions are boring, the entire program was very useful.

The first thing I gathered in the first day of SuyatiSTEP program was that the words “Code for People first, Computers Next”, it was a new thing to me. In academic projects I usually implement my own ideas with my own code. I never thought about anyone going to reuse it or who are going to maintain it. The lessons on Coding Conventions and Standards and Documentations taught me lot of things that I didn’t know before.

The best ever teacher we have got here is Jijo. He had given us the OOPS concepts in the best way. If I get a chance to judge the teaching, I will give full marks for him and his team.

The first session on Programming and data structures was awesome. Rifaj gave us the concepts and introduction to programming. But later sessions on this topic were not as good as we expected.

The sessions on Soft skills was very interesting, Subin tried to make us more fluent in English. And we think we are getting better in English.

When I came to know that Deepak will take sessions on HTML5, I remembered one of my teachers in CUSAT who got 1st rank for both B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT and his class can be understood only by those students who have previous knowledge on the topic. But Deepak shocked us. He taught us through the way which every student wants. He introduced us many tools like codepen, reveal.js, etc. and those were very helpful for us. Now I know why people on Salesforce communities want Deepak to answer their questions.

The things changed when Peter took session on Database. He taught us the higher level knowledge on database. As a result we couldn’t understand anything. It was Julie who made us understand what a database is and emphasized the importance of it.

The sessions on JQuery taken by Nooriya were interesting. But we got only an overview of the basics of JQuery. I think it was unnecessary to take sessions on Knockout. If the time for knockout was also utilized for JQuery basics, it would be useful.

The sessions on BA were also good. The practical sessions done by Praveen and team made us understand how we can analyze and plan a project.

Author : Sharafudheen K K Date : 21 Jul 2014