Salesforce BYOK- a new addition to its Platform Encryption

Salesforce BYOK

Salesforce is coming up with “Bring Your Own Key” functionality to extend its platform encryption service within Salesforce Shield. The BYOK feature that is getting integrated to Salesforce Shield’s platform encryption will gift customers with increased ownership of data security. Customers can encrypt data; simultaneously preserving business workflows, functionalities and other regulations. This will make the platform more secure and private.


With BYOK, Salesforce aims at extending its existing key management architecture using an API, which will ultimately help customers who get stranded in the cloud due to compliance requirements. BYOK promises a user-centric approach that will give customers a better control over encryption key lifecycle.

Data security is of prime importance to industries since infiltrators and hijackers are out there, looking for every possible data loop. The new platform encryption- BYOK will allow companies in the highly-regulated industries like insurance, banking & financial services, healthcare and the like to easily join the cloud.


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Author : admin Date : 19 Jul 2016