Suyati at Dreamforce ’18: Powered by connected insights

The countdown has begun. We are just days away from Dreamforce!

Needless to say, Suyati will be there in full swag with our team of Salesforce enthusiasts and leaders to network with other evangelists and prospects. 

At Dreamforce 2018, we will be highlighting connected insights and how it will drive businesses to data-driven intelligent experiences across multiple channels.

So what is connected insights?

An organization can never work in a silo. It thrives on dependency.

Every year, 70% of businesses announce that they plan to increase investment in technology. Be it CMS, Ecommerce or ERP, the number remains the same in 2018.

CRM software leads this technology investment, with 49% of businesses planning to maximize their investment to improve sales.  Global Enterprise Content Management System Market is expected to reach $94,094 million by 2023, according to Allied Market Research. Similar growth trends are seen for other related enterprise software – ERP, Marketing Automation, CMS.

The true power of these platforms, and the true ROI from these platforms, will be realized only when these systems start talking to each other. This is where the connected ecosystem can be created, bringing previously scattered business data together. 

Imagine a scenario where entire enterprise systems are connected to each other. Management can now evaluate sales performance based on not just the data in the CRM, but from the insights in the CMS (customer journey and behavior) and the ERP (operational analytics and inventory snapshot). These connected insights gives a central view of the enterprise data which would help management to take the right decision at the right time. An example would be one of our esteemed clients, a leading seafood provider, who achieved 100 % agile supply chain and a 7x improvement in the payment process by integrating their individual CRM, eCommerce and ERP systems. It also helped them in making effective customer segmentations to offer targeted customer communication. Read the whole story here.

At Dreamforce 2018, Suyati’s goal is to empower clients and prospects to embrace connected insights so that they can deliver seamless and consistent customer experience across multiple touchpoints.

Swing by our Booth #1938 for a one on one with our experts to learn more on what we have in mind and the difference connected insights can make in your business.

Apart from this, there is so much more we have in store this year!

As Dreamforce is getting closer, get close to the action – follow our conversation through Twitter or on our Dreamforce microsite.

We are so excited to be part of this stellar event; see you in a few days!

Author : Seethu Mathew Date : 24 Sep 2018