When one of the world’s largest calendar and NASCAR product publishers, with an extensive customer base throughout North America approached us, their hands were already burnt. And what did we do? Learn about how we turned things around for the client. Web development solutions with rich features—this illustrates Suyati’s capabilities in the powerful PHP framework. A fine social platform for high school students that brings student communities closer and supports peer networking. Checkout how we created an iOS app with the back-end built on PHP. With PHP, we have delivered robust websites for a range of business verticals. Taking advantage of its broad compatibility with standard hosting and its flexibility to use PHP code, we have simplified complex problems and delivered gen-next web applications to our clients. We play with:

  • Quick & agile web development
  • Familiarity of MVC environment
  • Website migration
  • SEO friendly sites

On the PHP wall of fame:

  • A multifaceted online calendar on a website, with features like picture editors and easy to use design interfaces, among others. Calendars can be delivered as PDFs or be printed and delivered to an address.
  • An application for the digital archive management of an online theses collection, where doctoral theses can be accessed by topic, scholar, guide or content. Although stored as PDFs, they can be read page by page to save bandwidth and time. The Unicode-enabled system allows bookmarks to be made in any Unicode supported language.
  • Product engineering services for document collaboration software.
  • SaaS pie, a community for cloud enthusiasts, comprising cloud evangelists, Cloud Certified Professionals, and winners of world coding challenges in cloud computing. Would you like to know more? Please write to us.