Microsoft Ignite 2017 – A Peek into What’s In-Store

Microsoft Ignite 2017

This is the third year that Microsoft is organizing several conferences together under Microsoft Ignite event. This year it will be held from September 25-29 in Orlando Florida and gives you a chance to explore the possibilities of tomorrow’s tech.

Here is what you can expect from Microsoft Ignite, apart from the opportunity to network and connect with the hundreds of experts. Make sure you prepare yourself to make the best out of this mega event.

Something for everyone

Microsoft Ignite has targeted audiences from IT influencers and Implementers, developers, IT decision makers, IT enthusiasts, Data analysts, Application admin etc.

The attendees get a chance to meet engineers who have come up with some amazing technologies and also a glimpse to a new world of tech with digital transformation.

There are about 1500+ sessions scheduled currently, and more sessions are still expected.

Choose your session type

There are 75 minute as well as 45 minute break out sessions, pre day trainings, workshops, hands on lab, Microsoft studio etc. The sessions offers insights and even live demos of products that is used on a daily basis.

The daily agenda lists the session and timings, so it is possible to plan your schedules accordingly.

There are about 800+ hours of Microsoft Ignite 2016 keynotes and overviews available, to help prepare for 2017.


Hundreds of speakers from different companies share their expertise through the sessions conducted. This would be a brilliant opportunity to connect with them, to learn about the challenges they faced, and how they were overcome. 

Featured speakers include Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, Dona Sarkar, the principal program manager at Microsoft, Mark Russinovich, the Chief Technology officer and many more. 

Women in Business & Tech 

Microsoft Ignite also provides a platform to connect with women in business and technology, for professional inspiration and practical advices for career growth. There is opportunity to learn about negotiating, mentoring and standing up boldly in the tech industry. 

Participate in these sessions to meet these dynamic women sharing the secret of being successful. 

Get Inspired

 Microsoft Ignite provides the perfect platform to interact and connect with a massive number of field experts, bringing them together under one roof. It gives a chance to clear your queries regarding products used on a daily basis straight from the person who built it.

 Get inspired. Take away new ideas and useful knowledge that can be used to suit your organization.

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Author : Preetha Tojy Date : 08 Sep 2017