Microsoft Server 2012 all set to make an impact

With the release of the Windows Server 2012 all set to happen in the coming months, here’s a quick look at the key features:

New Server Manager Interface:

The new Server Manager interface comes as a blessing for clients that do not have a dedicated network management software to monitor their activities. The new interface provides options for creating and managing new as well as existing server groups.

Better Virtualization capabilities:

The new Software has 2 primary editions i.e. Standard and Data Center, and the latter permits unlimited Guest computer virtualization.

Better Command line Emphasis:

The new Windows Server 2012 offers users with options to flip off the GUI after all its purposes are met and continue with the Command Line when the server is ready for actual deployment, which reduces attack surfaces and workload.

Hyper-V Replication:

This feature allows you to replicate a virtual machine from one place to another without the need for a shared storage medium, and only requires a network connection.

Extended PowerShell capabilities:

There are several new additions in the PowerShell, which makes it easier for you to manage workloads more effectively in the OS.

Direct Access offers an alternative to VPN:

With Direct Access, it is much easier for tunneling a secure endpoint back to the corporate network similar to VPN, but without having to do with the performance and overhead of VPN.

Dynamic Access provides better visibility:

Providing better individual abstraction to data and obtaining information about types of data residing on the system is made much easier with the Dynamic Access feature.

In short, the new Windows Server 2012 has much better facilities as compared to its predecessors and is a worthy product to watch out for.

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Author : admin Date : 03 Sep 2012